Quiz 1- SOL 8.2-The Real Number System

Quiz 1- SOL 8.2-The Real Number System
1. Classify the following numbers as rational or irrational. Give a reason for
your decision.
a. 7329
c. 0.95832758941…
d. 0.52875
2. Give an example of a number that would satisfy these rules.
a. a number that is: real, rational, an integer, whole and natural
b. a number that is: real and irrational
c. a number that is whole but is NOT natural
3. What is the smallest subset the following numbers belong?
a. 46
b. -8,546,999
c. -22.8
Quiz 1- SOL 8.2-The Real Number System
4. Place the following numbers in the Venn Diagram below. Note that some
numbers may not be used!
5. Circle all of the statements that are true.
A. Some integers are irrational numbers.
B. Every terminating decimal is an integer.
C. All integers are rational numbers.
D. All numbers are real numbers.
E. Every natural number is a whole number.
F. Every integer is a whole number.
G. Integers are always positive.