Introduction to Grade 10 Religion

Introduction to
Grade 10
Religion: Does
God Exist?
Does God Exist?
 In your team:
 Create t-chart to answer this question
YES evidence
NO evidence
A brief history of God
 Since the beginning of time, people have searched.
 Maybe there is a natural impulse in humans (“God vacuum”,
“God instinct”) to connect with a higher power.
The acceptance of God is not purely logical.
This is tricky because of the society we live in. Why?
In an information-driven society, faith can be difficult.
We find plenty of information in the scriptures – Please title a
piece of blank paper “Grade 10 Scripture Passage Reference”
The headings should be Reference (B/C/V), What is the
message?, Quotation to show the message.
 Faith – the free human act of committing the entire self to God;
the acceptance that God exists
 Faith involves opening your mind to accept things that you are
unable to touch, see or explain
 Faith is described in Hebrews 11:1 – find and copy this verse on
your scripture passage reference.
 Reflect in 4-8 sentences (in your note) about how faith can
affect a person’s:
 attitude toward life
 daily activities
 choices
What is religion?
 In your small group, develop a definition.
 Put simply, religion is:
 A way of life – morals, values
 Offers an answer to problems (community, connection, origin)
 A celebration (worship, ritual prayer, religious experience)
 In your notes: apply this definition to the Roman Catholic
Church. How does what Catholics do fit these three
What do Catholics believe?
 God saves God’s people (examples?)
 God created the universe
 Humans are God’s prized creation (they have dignity)
 God loves us
 People should be free (humanity: blessed and broken)
 We can show love for God – love for others, praise, thanksgiving,
discipleship, worship and prayer
The Church has a role in God’s plan for saving humanity
We can know God through Jesus
God calls us to create justice for all people
We can do God’s work through the Church – also through having good
relationships, good decision making.
What is your view of God?
What is your view of religion?
God is like…
 We all have our own understanding of who God is and what God is
capable of doing. For this assignment you are to complete the
phrase “God is like…” and provide a visual representation of the
 Think about using media slogans to assist you. For example, “God
is like Home Depot,You Can do it, He Can Help!” The rest of the
poster is to be decorated with appropriate images (e.g. changing
the company logo, creating a symbol/image of what God is like to
 You will compare/contrast your view to the Catholic view of God.