Y F A Our Lady of Peace School

Our Lady of Peace School
The purpose of the Youth Faith Ambassador program is to encourage our students to
continue to honour the Gospel values through service to our school community.
The Role of the Youth Faith Ambassador
To become active Catholic Christians through the bettering of their own faith
development, the bettering of our school community through service to others and to
demonstrate their belief in the word of God. In other words, they will be active witnesses
to our faith. We expect that these students will encompass leadership in informing,
modeling and promoting the virtues program.
The Youth Faith Ambassadors are involved in a variety of activities throughout the year.
These may include: care for their classroom prayer centers and for the central prayer area
in the school, involvement in morning announcements as necessary, hospitality,
involvement in school liturgies and Masses and retreats where possible, involvement in
outreach programs.