war ends

What do we celebrate on
November 11?
Google the meaning behind
this day.
W__ __ D__ __ W W__ __ S __ __
Woodrow Wilson
A __ __ H
__ __ __ __
__ E __ __ __ __ __ N __
Archduke Ferdinand
W __ __ S __ __ __
C __ __ __ __ H __ __ __
Winston Churchill
Started his career with WWI and played a large role in WWII
According to President Wilson,
the United States entered
World War I to “make the
world safe for democracy.”
Did we succeed?
Review End of War notes in google.
Go to the poster representing the part you
think was most significant in shaping the
end of the war and the aftermath.
• Fourteen Point Plan
• Paris Peace Conference
• League of nations
• The Peace Treaty
• The Versailles Treaty
The Fourteen Points
•A peace program set up by Wilson
•Called for an end to secret alliances
•Restoration of freedom of the seas
•Reduction in armaments (the arms and equipment
with which a military unit or military apparatus is
•This program reflected President Wilson’s selfdetermination
Paris Peace Conference
•Wilson attends as the U.S. delegate
•Believed that no one was in this for the
rewards…he was wrong
•Countries wanted rewards: France wanted to
humiliate and destroy Germany so it could never
conquer again
•Wilson is forced to give up his “plan”
League of Nations
•Ten days of hard work and negotiating
•It was an organization in which the nations of the
world would join together to ensure security and
peace for all members
The Peace Treaty
•The “BIG FOUR” return to the peace conference a few months later:
Britain, France, Italy, United States
•Allies accepted Wilson’s plan for a League of Nations with some
- 15 year French control of the mineral resources in AlsaceLorraine
- Britain and France wanted reparations (payment from enemy
for the economic injury suffered in the war)
- Ruled that Germany owed Allies $33 billion dollars
•As Wilson feared, Germany would never forget or forgive this
The Versailles Treaty
•Presented treaty to Germans on May 7, 1919
•They refused at first but at threat of invasion they
had no choice but to sign
•All signed at Versailles – therefore the name
• Explain/Create a summary of
how WWI came to an end.
• Use your notes and the outline
as a guide.
WWI Independent Work Form
Test Review – Mandatory Completion
Alliances in Europe (map) - Mandatory Completion
• Funding the Fight (2)
• Buoyance (3)
• Counting the Troops (4), Project – optional
• How Airplanes Fly (2)
• Analyzing Statistics (3)
• Poetry of WWI (project)
• The Flu (2 and project)
**Note Example of Work Form
We use the end of the war as
a commemorative day to
recognize those who have
served in the military…
How did WWI change the
world forever?