US Final Exam Review Sheet - Your final exam will consist of

US Final Exam Review Sheet - Your final exam will consist of multiple choice, matching, and true and false
questions. There is one essay question and one map section.
Bring two sharpened pencils with erasers. If you signed out a book, be sure to bring it to class. You are also
expected to return the textbook CD-ROM that was given to you in September. If you do not have it you will be
asked to give one dollar so it can be replaced.
Tips: Listen to the podcasts and go over the terms at the end of each section review. It can be helpful to study with
someone else. Begin with those chapters at the beginning of the year.
There are questions from the following chapters and sections from The Americans .
Chapter 2
The American Colonies Emerge
2 An English Settlement at Jamestown 36
Chapter 3 The Colonies Come of Age
1 England and Its Colonies 66
2 The Agricultural South 72
3 The Commercial North 79
4 The French and Indian War 85
Chapter 4
The War for Independence
1 The Stirrings of Rebellion 96
2 Ideas Help Start a Revolution 103
The Declaration of Independence 109
3 Struggling Toward Saratoga 113
4 Winning the War 118
Chapter 5 Shaping a New Nation 130
1 Experimenting with Confederation 132
2 Drafting the Constitution 140
3 Ratifying the Constitution 145
Chapter 6
Launching the New Nation
3 Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course 197
4 The War of 1812 202
Chapter 7
Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism 210
1 Regional Economies Create Differences 212
2 Nationalism at Center Stage 219
3 The Age of Jackson 224
4 Jackson, States’ Rights, and the National Bank 230
Chapter 8 1820–1850
Reforming American Society
2 Slavery and Abolition 248
Chapter 9
Expanding Markets and Moving West 272
3 Expansion in Texas 288
4 The War with Mexico 293
Chapter 10
The Union in Peril 302
1 The Divisive Politics of Slavery 304
2 Protest, Resistance, and Violence 310
3 The Birth of the Republican Party 318
4 Slavery and Secession 324
Final exam essays:
1) John Brown, Harriet Tubman, and Harriet Beecher Stowe all opposed slavery. Explain whether you consider any
of these people to be heroes. Defend your viewpoint with references from the chapter 10. (Write about all three.)
2) You have studied several themes in American History this year. Among them are: treatment of the American
Indian, the treatment of imported Africans, and relations with Mexico. Write about Manifest Destiny and describe
how those themes interacted with it. Use specific references from our course. (you can select any one)
Identify the following land acquisitions of the United States:
Gadsen Purchase 1853
Louisiana Purchase 1803
US in1763
Mexican Cession 1846
Texas Annexed 1845
Oregon Ceded by Great Britain 1846
Ceded by Spain 1819