Colonial Life Activities 4.1

Chapter 4 section 1 Notes and Activities (100 points)
Pages (100 – 106)
Complete the following activities, notes, and questions on a separate piece of paper to get a better
understanding of the life during colonial times.
Part I: Key Terms
Directions: look up each of the following terms, write out the correct definition, and then draw or illustrate a
picture that demonstrates the meaning for each word.
Subsistence Farming, Triangular trade, cash crop, diversity, tide-water, backcountry, overseer.
Part II: Charting and Comparing the Colonies
Directions: Recreate the example chart listed down below. Then as you read, record the information you
find in the appropriate boxes.
Commerce and Trade in the English Colonies
New England Colonies
Middle Colonies
Southern Colonies
available in
each region?
What were
the primary
produced in
each region?
Part III “The Triangular Trade and The Middle Passage”
Read the sections “colonial trade and middle passage” on pg. 102-03.
1) Then explain how the triangular trade routes operated/worked. In your explanation include a
sketch map of the trade routes using the map on top of page 103.
2) What was the middle passage? Look at the picture on 102 of the slave boat and explain
why so many Africans would suffer and die during that part of the voyage.
Part IV: Slavery
Read the section about Slavery on page 106 and the story “The Kidnapped Prince” on pg. 107 then answer
the following questions.
1) How were slaves used in the colonies?
2) Describe how slaves were sold into slavery?
3) What were slave codes? How did these codes restrict the rights of the slaves?
Part V: Summary Activity
1) You are going to go back in time as an English Colonist living in America. You are going to write a short
journal that answers the following questions. Make sure you include a picture of yourself/family for your
A) What is your name, age, and size of your family?
B) What do you do for a living/work?
C) What colony do you live in and why did you choose that area?
D) What is life like for you and your family?
ASSIGNMENT SCORING: (100 points possible)
100 points - The student gave full effort and used class time effectively. The project was neat, accurate,
and clear. The Presentation was done well and ALL directions were followed.
85 points - The student gave a good effort and used class time effectively. The student followed the
directions well and produced a nice project and presented it in class.
70 points - The student showed some effort, followed the directions, and completed the project and
presented it in class.
60 Points - The student gave little effort, didn't follow all the directions, but finished the project and
presented it in class.
*A score less then 60 is incomplete and must be finished for credit.