5 Themes PPT

What is World Geography?
geography: the study of the
earth and the ways people
live and work on it
Physical Geography: the study of the
earth’s natural features
Human Geography: examines
how people live on the earth
and their impact upon it
Austin, Texas
Calcutta, India
All aspects of geography are classified as
the Five Themes of Geography
M= Movement
R= Region
H= Human E= Environment interaction
L= Location
P= Place
Movement: the spread of people, goods, and
ideas through travel, trade, and communication
Region: an area with unique features
that make it different from other areas. It is
defined by physical or human characteristics
Formal Regions have clear boundaries that
are defined by at least one common
human or physical characteristic.
Functional Regions are different
places that work together and
function as a single unit.
Perceptual Regions reflect feelings
and attitudes about an area.
They may not be based on fact.
Human-Environment Interaction: the
way people use and are affected by the
Humans depend on the
modify it, and adapt to it.
Location: Where is it?
Absolute Location: the exact place on earth
where something is found. It is based upon
latitude and longitude or can be an address.
Relative Location indicates where
something is in comparison with other
places (next to).
At the bottom of your worksheet, in one
or two sentences, write the relative
location of East View High School.
There are several possibilities, but here’s a
good one: East View is located on Highway
29 East, about a mile east of Toll Road 130.
Place: indicates what something is
like or what it looks like. It can
refer to people or the land.
Empire State Building,
New York City
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Venice, Italy