SPELLING words + VOCABULARY * Math & Science words Master

* Math & Science words
Master the spelling and definition of the
following words:
1. multiplication – A math operation involving
combining equal groups together.
2. product – The answer to a multiplication
3. division – A math operation involving
splitting a quantity into equal groups.
4. quotient – The answer to a division problem.
5. thousand – Equal to ten hundred (100 added
ten times!).
6. earth – The planet we live on.
7. layer – A single thickness of something.
8. mantle – The middle and largest layer of
earth, make of hard rock and liquid rock.
9. core – The center layer of earth with two
parts: inner core and outer core. Outer core is
liquid rock; the inner core is thought to be a
solid ball of iron and other minerals.
10. crust – The top layer of earth, made of rocks
and soil. We live on the crust.
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