Diagram of the Earth`s Interior

Projects Due 9/21
Diagram of the Earth's Interior
1. Read the section in your science textbook on the
Earth's interior, (pp. 132-139)
2. Vocabulary: Write the definitions for each word
on a separate space.
a. crust (oceanic and continental )
b. lithosphere
c. asthenosphere
d mantle
e. outer core
f. inner core
3. Label your diagram and color as follows:
a. oceanic crust - blue
b. continental crust - green
c. lithosphere - pink
d. asthenosphere - red
e. mantle - orange
f. outer core – brown or mustard
g. inner core - yellow
(See pp. 133 and 13M37)
4. Can you show a cross-section of the diagram?
5. A key