SuperVision Platform - Western New Mexico University

SuperVision Platform
Brennan A. Morris
Western New Mexico University
Gallup Graduate Studies
'We must act as if our institutions are ours to create, our learning is ours to
define, our leadership we seek is ours to become. Peter Block Philosopher
“My job is to provide the resources needed
to let my teachers do what they do best,
teach!” K. Bosscher
September collaboration meeting with
Plan of action for professional development
Timeframe for completion
Resources needed
Duties given to all involved with development
“…based on the understanding that the teacher desires
to grow professionally”
Teacher Development Team
“Team development is the cohesiveness of
the team and the ability of the group
members to satisfy their own needs while
working effectively with other team
members!” (Northouse, 2010, pg. 252)
Teacher Development Team
If teachers own the process and believe they
are making a positive difference in their
career, they will put forth the effort to reach
their goals, vision.
“[teacher’s] motivation is the [teacher’s]
perception of their own ability to perform a
specific task. As the [teacher’s] perception of
their own abilities and competence goes up,
the need for directive leadership goes down.”
(Northouse, 2010, pg. 129)
Teacher Development Team
1st Meeting-Sept.
Decide personal goals and
objectives for the year
Decide and schedule oneon-one observations
Connect with principal for
any scheduling conflicts
2nd Meeting – April
See if the goals have been
Personal reflection of the
Hand in notes to principal
for comments
“Ownership is the key, if staff feel they are part of the
process, they will most likely get more involved with
the vision.”
The principal gains more information if a he
or she walks through looking for specifics.
When you collaborate with the principal,
you give him or her the opportunity to
help you become a better teacher.
No more performances, and the principal
should be visible and engaging.
Effective “Walk-throughs!”
Classroom Management
Offering advice for creative techniques…especially new teachers
Teaching techniques
Offering resources on different effective methods…
Creative Lessons and Assessments
Resources of different methods out there to increase learning…
Mentorship Program
Exit Interview
Principal and teacher meet to see if goals
were met; discuss strategies if goals were
not met.
 BRIEFLY go over the professional
development growth.
 Turn in personal reflection.
“Tell them that they can change the
world, and they will”
“After all, this is the primary reason we chose
to be educators – to practice what we
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