Locating Primary Source Information

Locating Primary Source
What it is and how to find it
What is a Primary Sources
Primary sources provide
descriptions and information
on a specific topic and allow
the researcher to get as close
as possible to what actually
happened during a historical
event or time period.
Primary sources were either
created during the time
period being studied, or were
created at a later date by a
participant in the events
being studied (as in the case
of memoirs) and they reflect
the individual viewpoint of a
participant or observer.
Types of Primary Sources Material
Journal or Newspaper articles
Press releases
Media Transcripts
Government statements
Krupp Library Resources that
contain Primary Source Information
Proquest historical newspaper
CQ Historic documents series
Periodical back file
Proquest Historical Newspapers
ProQuest Historical
Newspapers™ offers fulltext and full-image articles
for newspapers dating
back to the 18th century.
As part of the ProQuest
Historical Newspapers
program, every issue of
each title includes the
complete paper–cover-tocover–with full-page and
article images in
downloadable PDF. The
Krupp Library subscribes to
the historic New York
Times, The Wall Street
JSTOR is a not-for-profit
organization with a dual
mission to create and
maintain a trusted archive
of important scholarly
journals, and to provide
access to these journals as
widely as possible. JSTOR
offers researchers the
ability to retrieve highresolution, scanned images
of journal issues and pages
as they were originally
designed, printed, and
illustrated. The journals
archived in JSTOR span
many disciplines. JSTOR
is not a current issues
JSTOR Tutorials
JSTOR offers a
tutorial to help you
get started
JSTOR Tutorials
CQ Historical Documents
Published annually since
1972, the Historic
Documents Series now
contains 33 volumes of
primary sources. Each
volume includes
approximately one
hundred documents
covering the most
significant events of the
year. These documents
range from presidential
speeches, international
agreements, and Supreme
Court decisions to U.S.
governmental reports,
scientific findings, and
cultural discussions.
The HELIN Catalog
The Krupp Library
maintains collections
of archived journals
known as Periodicals
Back file. You may
search the HELIN
Catalog to see what
titles and holdings we
have. If you would like
to obtain an issue from the
Periodical Back file please
ask for assistance from a
library staff member.
Periodical Back file search steps
Periodical Back file Continued
Once you have determined the Krupp
Library owns the issue you would like
to view ask at the Circulation or
Reference Desk staff to assist you in
retrieving the material.
*There is no open browsing of the
Back file*
If you have questions about primary source documents you may want
consult with your professor or a reference librarian.