"Monkey's Paw" Questions

Monkey’s Paw Questions
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1. What lesson does the reader gain from the ending of the story?
2. What information are you given in the final 3 paragraphs of the story?
3. What is the overall tone of this story?
4. What message can you, as a reader, take away from this passage?
5. What information would not be important enough to include in a summary?
6. How do the actions of the mother attribute to the theme of this story?
7. What is the conflict (s) presented?
8. What category of conflict would this fall under? Locate 2 pieces of evidence to support your
9. Which type of conflict(s) would this be? (i.e. man VS man, man VS self, etc.)
10. What evidence is given to show that the mother is in despair because of the death of her son?