Aim 22 monroe doctrine

Objective: Describe
the provisions of the
Monroe Doctrine
President James Monroe
Do Now: Read document
and answer questions
President James Monroe
President Theodore Roosevelt
Presidents James Monroe
and Theodore Roosevelt
President Monroe announced the
Monroe Doctrine in 1823.
President Theodore Roosevelt rigidly
enforced its provisions throughout his
presidency (1900-1908)
After the Louisiana Purchase,
Americans felt a strong sense
of nationalism
Western Hemisphere
Pres. Monroe and Latin
American Independence
The American Revolutionary War served as
a model for other countries in the Western
Rebel groups in South and Central America
led successful revolts against colonial rulers
(Spain, Portugal, France)
In an effort to protect the Western
Hemisphere, President Monroe issued the
Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine stated:
Western Hemisphere is closed to further
 The U.S. would Militarily protect the
Western Hemisphere against European
 The U.S. would not become involved in
European affairs
What is the main idea of this
political cartoon?
What is the main idea of this
political cartoon?
Purpose of the Doctrine
Viewed as reflecting the
isolationist-neutrality sentiment of the U.S. at
this time (1820’s).
Avoid involvement in foreign affairs
(Extension of Washington’s Proclamation of
This allowed the U.S. to establish a close
commercial relationship with countries in
the Western Hemisphere
Monroe Doctrine
A warning, issued by the United
States, to all European powers
not to re-establish colonies in the
Western Hemisphere.
If European countries violate the
Monroe Doctrine, then they will be
met with American military force
This reaffirmed President
Washington’s Proclamation of
Neutrality by forcing the
Europeans to stay on the east
side of the Atlantic ocean and the
Americans to stay on the West
side of the Atlantic Ocean.
James Monroe