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Plate Tectonics
Joey Huster
Section 1: Pangean History
Alfred Wegener developed a theory of continental drift and all the continents
being together one at one time, in 1915.
Originally, this theory was not accepted by scientists, because of lack of solid
Pangaea means “all lands” in Greek, and was together in the Paleozoic and
Mesozoic eras about 250 million years ago
There was a theory of sunken land bridges, connecting the continents, during
Wegeners time.
Alfred Wegener was an accomplished graduate in geology and meteorology. This
graduate in these sciences would have had a relation with the weather patterns of
Pangaea 250 million years ago.
Arthur Holmes’ ideas later assisted Wegeners theory by proposing the idea of
convection cells under the earths mantle.
Section 2: Convergent Boundaries
A convergent boundary is a Destructive area of where two or more tectonic plates
collide and cause earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, and trenches.
Examples of convergent boundaries are the collision between the Eurasian plate
and the Indian plate that forms the himilayas, or the Mariana Trench. Also the
collision of the Nazca Plate beneath the South American Plate that forms the
andes Mountains.
Trench, Earthquake, Volcanoe, Mountain, convergent boundary.
Section 3: Divergent Boundaries
A divergent boundary is when two plates move apart from each other and the
space that this creates is filled with new crust material from molten Magma that
forms below.
Divergent boundaries can cause Rifts, Rises, and Ridges. These are divisions in the
crust that are different heights than before the plates seperated.
One example of a divergent boundary is The East African Ridge.
Section 4:Transform Boundaries
• A transform boundary, is a Fault which runs along the boundary of a
Tectonic Plate. This moving of plates usually builds up massive amounts of
energy, cuasing earthquakes,and Landslides or mudslides.
• An example of a transform boundary would be the Queen charlotte fault.
Section 5: Real World Connections
• We live on the North American Plate.
• The North American Plate is bordered by the Carribean, Cocos, Pacific and
Juan de Pucos plates.
• We are not in any serious danger of Hazards in Ohio, but in California, a
fault line runs right next to the coast and Earthquakes have happened
there many times.
• I can only predict Earthquakes, and Mud and landslides in the California
area, because of the Transform boundaries in that region. But also,
Volcanoes possibly making bigger hawaiian islands, and the Aleutian
islands being destroyed by earthquakes.
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