Chapter 10 Review - Mrs. Dawson's Classroom

Chapter 10 Review
1. Who was Alfred Wegener?
2. Define continental drift.
3. What is the evidence that supports the hypothesis of continental drift?
4. A long, undersea mountain chain that has a steep, narrow valley at its center, that forms as
magma rises from the asthenosphere is known as a _______________________________.
5. Define sea floor spreading.
6. The residual magnetism of rock is known as ___________________________________.
7. The theory that explains why and how continents move and is the study of the formation of the
Earth’s crust is called _______________________________________.
8. Draw and label the layers of the earth: lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, inner core,
outer core.
9. The sudden movement of tectonic plates is called _________________________________.
10. Name to things that help scientists identify he location of plate boundaries.
11. Draw the 3 types of plate boundaries: convergent, divergent and transform.
12. What features appear at the following convergent boundaries:
a. continental-continental:
b. continental-oceanic :
c. oceanic-oceanic:
13. What causes plate motion?
14. What is ridge push?
15. What is slab pull?