ENGINEERING EGR 11 3 lab 1 cr Introduction to Engineering

EGR 11
3 lab 1 cr
Introduction to Engineering Design
An introduction to the major engineering disciplines. Basic concepts in engineering are covered
in an integrated manner to: illustrate basic concepts in the context of real applications; illustrate a
logical way of thinking about problems and their solutions; and convey the excitement of the
profession. These goals are attained through analysis, construction, and testing of various
projects that incorporate concepts from a broad range of areas within major engineering fields.
Prerequisite: MTH 30
EGR 21
1 rec 2 lab 2 cr
Analysis Tools for Engineers
An introduction to analysis techniques necessary for the solution of engineering problems such
as the design of electrical systems. Concepts that are suited to computational solutions are
introduced through short lectures and are examined thoroughly during workstation-based
workshops in computer labs. Practical technical examples and problems within the engineering
disciplines are covered. Among the topics studied are: functions of real variables and their
graphs, complex numbers, difference equations, numerical integration, and an introduction to
system analysis.
Prerequisite: MTH 31
EGR 31
2 lec 2 lab 3cr
Circuit Analysis
This is a study of basic circuit laws: Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff law. Methods of circuit analysis.
Circuit theorems. Operational amplifiers. Capacitors and inductors. Sinusoids and phasors.
Sinusoidal steady state analysis. Introduction to digital circuits.
Corerequisites: MTH 33, PHY 33