Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Declaration of what a business aspires
to be.
– Business reason for being
– Why it exists
– Clarifies who it serves
– Expression of what it hopes to achieve in
the future
Mission Statement
Visionary – vision for business
– “to be the best”,
– “the highest quality”
Broad – should not limit a company’s
area of service or expertise
 Realistic – must be practical, workable,
direct and powerful
 Motivational – inspires commitment
among employees, customers, partners
Mission Statement
Foundation of any marketing plan
 Answers the question:
– “What business are we in?”
"To be the world's leading sports and
fitness company."
– Nike’s Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Short & concise – no longer than 25
– Employees should be able to remember
and repeat it
Easily understood – use plain language
that is convincing and easy to
– Would your grandmother remember
what your company is about if she read it?
Sample Mission
McDonalds: “McDonald’s vision is to be the
world’s best quick service restaurant
experience. Being the best means providing
outstanding quality,service, cleanliness, and
value, so that we make every customer in
every restaurant smile.
 Levi-Strauss: “We will market the most
appealing and widely worn casual clothing in
the world. We will clothe the world.”
Questions to ask when creating a
mission statement
What is the purpose of your business?
 Who do you serve? Who are your
 What needs do you fulfill?
 Define your product or service clearly
More Questions to Ask:
Define your ideal customer
 What benefits do you offer the
 What makes your products or services
different from your competitors?
 Describe WHY customers will buy from