Temporary Food Permit Requirements

Anyone serving food outside of their restaurant that will be hot or cold held or
cooked outside of their restaurant will need to complete a Temporary Food
Permit Application for the Mississippi State Department of Health. A $100 fee
shall be paid to Pass Christian Main Street as we will have to submit 1 check to
the Health Department for all permits.
An inspection will be done prior to the event.
Here is a quick list of what you will need to pass:
 Your area must be covered. (ie: Tent)
 If you are not on concrete then the ground must be covered to avoid
kicking up dirt. This covering should not be a tripping hazard. Cardboard or
a tarp will work
 You will need 3 bus tubs to wash utensils/dishes
o 1 – Soap Solution
o 2- Clean Water
o 3 - Sanitizer (you should also have test strips for your sanitizer)
 Hand Washing
o Jugs of water with a spigot at the bottom
o Bucket to catch waste water
o A method to dispose of the water - * you are not allowed to dump it
on the ground
 Best practice – Take it back to your restaurant and pour it
down your mop sink
 Hot holding / Cold holding
 A thermometer (a time/temp log is not required)