Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education
Sharmadena Washington
Collin College
September 14, 2011
Philosophy of Education
Education is the key to Success. In America and all over the world one must have an
education to provide a descent living for their family. Knowledge is a very powerful tool to have.
It is the one thing no one can ever take away from you. The purpose of education is to teach one
to think critically. One must always prepare for the future and the ever-changing ways of society.
Society is gearing towards technology in so many ways and if we do not prepare for the changes
to come, we the people will be left behind. It’s not always how much you know, it’s how much
you know that is different. How you solve problems and your ability to bring new ideas and
experience to the table. My plan is to teach my students to think outside the box. I will have them
to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. I will teach them a new way of looking at and
making sense of aspects of one’s everyday life. Hopefully this will prepare them for any
problems and solutions they may face on their journey to success.
The students’ role in education is to learn. Sometime, students may need motivation to
want to learn, so learning should be fun. Students must have respect for themselves and others
and everything else will fall in place. For example, if a student knows it is rude to talk while
someone else is talking, they also know it is rude to talk while the teacher is teaching. The
teacher role is to have control of his/her classroom. The teacher should encourage learning by
interacting with the students. One example is to let the students express themselves. As a teacher
one should not always portray to know everything. The teacher should allow the student to teach
or show them things. It’s not that you don’t understand the student; this approach gives the
student a sense of confidence and motivates the students to participate and interact with the
teacher and students.
To become a teacher one must have compassion. A teacher should be innovative and
patient. Teaching is so much more than instructing in front of a blackboard. A teacher is a person
that impacts a child life. Whether it is positive or negative, the students remember the teacher
that left his or her mark in their life. Teachers play vital roles in the lives of students. A teacher is
a nurse, they care for bruises. She is a housekeeper; she has to keep her classroom clean. He is a
counselor; he has to offer words of encouragement. He is a referee: he has settle disputes. She is
an enforcer: she has to make sure everyone follow the rules. He or she is someone the student
trust. Teachers are not only there to teach but to love and care for their students. Teachers are the
ones who mold doctors, lawyers, pilots, presidents and most of all successful teachers. I once had
a teacher who made a positive impact on my life. She mastered the art of being an outstanding
teacher. She has left a her mark in my life and I would like to have the same impact on a student
as well.
Teacher’s jobs can be demanding at times. Teachers work over 40 hours a week.
Teachers have to deal with different personalities. Teachers also deal with special need students.
However, if you come into the profession with a positive attitude your experience will be well
worth it. I think the reward is seeing your students excel. The ultimate reward is the student that
says thank you, for making me strive to reach my full potential. “The function of education is to
teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal
of true education.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)