Geography Themes Review Theme Review

Cairo, Egypt is located at Latitude:30°N, Longitude:31E°
What is absolute location
The Falkland Islands are located off the South Eastern tip of Argentina in the Atlantic Ocean
What is Relative
Renton Washington is located at:
Latitude:47°N, Longitude:-122°W
Enter through the Clock Tower doors across from St. Matthews Church
What is relative location
Buckingham Palace is located at, Buckingham Palace
Road London SW1W 0SR
What is absolute location
Turkey Scratch is located in Arkansas near Big Creek Corner.
Relative Location
The Landing is over by the Seahawk Training Center and across the street from Gene Coulon Park
What is Relative Location
Some women in Iraq wear a Burka
What is Place Human characteristics
The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC. 20500
What is absolute
40°N and 100°E
Mt. Olympus
Place- Physical Characteristics
People travel to New England to see the foliage(leaves)
in the fall
What is Place- physical Characteristics
Mt. Vesuvius last erupted in 1942
What is place Physical
As of 2013, 652,405 people live in Seattle
What is Place human characteristics
Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.
Place Physical Characteristics
The Cedar River
What is Place Physical
The Romans believed that the gods lived on Mt. Olympus
Place- Human Characteristics
In Brazil they speak Portuguese, not Spanish
What is Place human characteristics
The Ancient Romans had beautiful art and sculpture
Place- Human Characteristics
Pacific Northwest Raccoons can be found in neighborhoods
all over Renton.
What is Place Physical
A rainbow trout is indigenous to Washington
What is Place
The major religion of Somalia is Islam
What is Place human
Along the equator the climate is hot and rainy
What is Place-Physical characteristics
Huskies are used for dog sleds as they adapt easily to
the cold
What is Place-Physical characteristics
A Wallaby lives in Australia
What is Place Physical
Every year they hold The Renton River Days
What is Place- Human Characteristics
Llamas live in South America
Whaddaya mean, you can’t
remember all the themes??
What is Place-Physical
The Lupine grows naturally in Washington
What is Place physical characteristics
The Pacific Northwest is known for its grunge
music scene
What is Place human characteristics
It is a tradition in Hawaii to cook a pig in the
What is Place human
Beautiful Lake Washington with Mt. Rainier in the
What is place physical characteristics
Mrs. Eng’s dog, Buttercup
What is Place Physical characteristic
This man in Arneberg uses ice to make an igloo
What is Human-Environment Interaction (HEI) Adapt, Depend
These people have chopped down trees on a hillside in order to build their house
What is HEI modify
People in the Brazilian Rain Forest wear very little as it is extremely hot and humid.
What is HEI adapt
In England they build houses out of brick as it is a small island and wood is scarce.
What is
In the olden days, The Inuit made coats out of Caribou or seal to keep warm
What is adapt/ depend
The Inca carve out the hillside to build houses and terraced farms
What is modify
In the Amazon Rainforest, many people burn or cut thousands of acres a day to
make room for cattle.
What is HEI modify
Seattle gets its fresh water from the Cedar River Watershed and the South Fork Tolt River Watershed in eastern
King County
What is HEI depend
At Snoqualmie Pass they are blasting away part of the mountain to make more travel lanes
What is HEI modify
People rely on Snoqualmie Pass to get from one side of Washington to another as it is one of the few
ways to get there
What is HEI depend
People add chains to their tires when it is snowing on Snoqualmie Pass
What is HEI
The Yakama Nation still counts on on the
salmon they catch on the Columbia River
What is HEI depend
An umbrella is a good thing to have in the
Pacific Northwest
What is HEI adapt
These people built their house on stilts
because they live in a flood zone
What is Human-Environment
interaction Adapt
Damming up a river changes the river’s
What is Human-Environment interaction Modify
A tunnel blasted through a mountain
What is HEI
modify and
Windmills in Ellensburg are one of the ways the citizens create
power for the town using the wind that is widespread there
What is adapt and depend HEI
In Egypt they wore linen as it kept them cool in the hot desert sun.
What is Human-Interaction Environment,
adapt and depend
In Ancient Egypt the Nile River was vital for water, transportation
and food.
What is Human-Interaction Environment,
In Ancient Egypt the people built their houses near the Nile as the
rest of the area was desert.
What is Human-Interaction Environment,
A man dig’s a hole in his backyard for a pool
What is HEI modify
A girl rides her circle bike to school
What is movement of people
In Southeast Asia grubs are used as an important source of protein, as meat is scarce.
HEI depend, adapt
Millions of tons of soil was brought in to build Seattle’s waterfront.
HEI depend, modify
Humans carved out the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore, changing the mountain forever.
HEI modify
In ancient times, the annual flooding of the Nile River produced good soil for growing
crops without the floods they would have no food.
HEI depend
How to people adapt to the environment? (Example: The
ancient Egyptians rebuilt their homes each year, after the
annual flooding. As time went on, they built their homes
above the flood plain.)
The ancient Egyptians rebuilt their homes each year, after the annual flooding. As time went
on, they built their homes above the flood plain.)
HEI adapt
The ancient Egyptians built irrigation ditches to help water the crops. In modern times, Egypt built a dam
to control the flood waters of the Nile River.)
HEI modify
The Ancient Greeks needed the sea to survive. They could not grow much food and used the sea
as a trade route.
HEI depend
The Ancient Greeks had over 6,000 islands and used boats to get from place to place
HEI depend/adapt
The Ancient Romans used Aqueducts to transport fresh water from place to place
HEI depend/adapt/modify
The Ancient Greeks drank wine as their water was
HEI adapt
The Sioux Indians were nomadic and followed the
herds of buffalo for hunting
HEI adapt
The Yakama Indians still rely on salmon fishing for some of
their income.
Human environment Interaction….
The Yanomamo of Brazil eat grains that they collect
in the rain forest
Human Environment Interaction
adapt, depend
I just heard on Entertainment Tonight that Taylor
Swift broke up with her boyfriend
Movement of information
The Xhosa women of Africa carry most goods on their
Movement of goods
A truck of apples from Yakima, Washington is driven to Seattle
What is movement of
People in Alaska often ride a snow mobile to get around
What is Movement of People
I read in the National Enquirer that Justin Bieber was
What is movement of Information/ideas
I texted my mom to tell her I was staying after school.
Movement of information
I ride a unicycle to school
What is movement of people
In the Andes Mountains, horseback is the only way to get where you
are going.
What is movement
Fed-Ex gets our mail and packages delivered over night.
What is movement of goods
In some areas of Alaska the only way to get goods is to
have them dropped from a plane
What is Movement of goods
The Yakama Indian Reservation covers 2,185.94 square
The Rocky Mountains states
What is Region
You live in the Northwest
What are Regions
The Bible Belt is an area in the South known for having
the highest number of churches per capita in America
The Middle East
What is Region
A map of where U.S. cellular phone areas
What is Region
I live in the Renton Highlands.
The bible belt is a part of the Southern United
What is Region
I attend St. Mathews Church.