Nick Olley - Relational tensions in Partnerships

Nick Olley
The Cambridge Partnership
Currently secondary only
Primary from next cohort
PGCE via “partnership” with HEI
SDTP Training programme
SDTP Salaried programme
SDTP Non-government funded programme
Assessment only
Between 50% and 60% outstanding exit grades
90% good or outstanding
95% recruitment or better
Cover East Anglia in its broadest sense
Further afield according to need and school
Flexible and bespoke programmes according to
school and individual needs
Collaboration with other SCITTs
Networking across the country
Collaboration with schools
Insistence that the only way to do things is
dictated by the HEI
Lack of distance learning opportunities
Existing successful documentation must be
rewritten to be accepted by HEI
One way traffic
HEI documentation does not always fit the SCITT
Calendar has to work to HEI calendar
Perception that it is less “partnership” and more
Recognition that we are buying services from
the HEI. We are the customer
Lack of consistency in costs
SCITT does most of the work
Reluctance by HEI to detail what we are actually
paying for
Perception that the partnership with the SCITT
is to ease HEI finances, not for the greater good
of student teachers or teaching in general
Moving the goalposts at very short notice
Finding things wrong when they have been
accepted by others at the HEI
Last minute demands when time has been built
in by SCITT
Speed of response in general
Emails and assignment marking
Lack of understanding that we are involved in
much more than a PGCE
Consistency in dealing with student teachers
Sensitive and real support
Students returning to academic writing
Little or no flexibility or personalised programme to
recognise student experience
No plan B for students who are struggling with the
demands of the programme, having paid for it
Willingness to adopt new practice
Understanding of the modern market place and
needs of schools. No longer provider led. Now
school led
Mutual professional respect
Understanding of the concept of “partnership”
Realisation that schools can work with as many
providers as they wish
Use of modern technology
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