The Crucible Act Two Questions At the beginning of the act, why


The Crucible

Act Two Questions

1) At the beginning of the act, why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem?

To share with the court what Abigail told him about witch craft.

2) What gift does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth?

A poppet doll

3) According to Elizabeth, what is Abigail’s true objective in court?

She wants to get rid of her so that she can have John Proctor to herself.

4) Why has Rebecca Nurse been jailed?

She was charged with the murder of Goody Proctor’s babies.

5) What does John Proctor want Mary to testify?

He wants Mary to confess in court that the poppet came from Abigail and that it never really belonged to Elizabeth “Goody” Proctor.

Independent Answers: You must be prepared to discuss/write about the following questions for our next class session:

6) At this point in the play, what would you do if you were John Proctor?

7) Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth. In your own words, explain the metaphor of the “everlasting funeral” that John sees in Elizabeth’s heart.

8) Based on Mary’s statements, what do you infer is the real reason Mary gives Elizabeth the gift?

9) How do you interpret Mary’s visions and accusations? What clues does Miller give us about her motivation?

10) Why does Hale become suspicious of the Proctors? What is the irony in Hale’s urging Proctor to show “charity”?

11) The protagonist of the story is the central character who drives the action, and is usually considered the hero or heroine. The antagonist is the character who struggles against the protagonist, often with cruel or destructive intent. By the end of Act Two, which character seems to be the protagonist? Which character seems to be the antagonist?

12) Identify at least three external conflicts in the play. Then describe the internal conflict that

Proctor faces. How could Proctor’s conflict relate to a broader conflict in the play—between public appearance and private reality?