Name:_________________________________________ Mrs. Daniel Block ___________________________ English 11H

Mrs. Daniel Block ___________________________
English 11H
The Crucible Act II Analysis
Part I: Reading Questions. Read the first half of Act II and answer the following questions (pp.
191-197, when Reverend Hale enters).
1. According to Elizabeth Proctor, how is Abigail continuing to fuel the hysteria in Salem?
2. Why is John Proctor so reluctant to go to Salem to reveal what Abigail told him regarding
the true reason for the girl’s behavior?
3. What does Elizabeth mean when she tells John, “The magistrate sits in your heart that
judges you” (p. 194)?
4. When Mary Warren arrives home what gift does she give Elizabeth?
5. When discussing Sarah Good’s condemnation of witchcraft before the court Mary Warren
says the judge had “hard proof” against her (p. 195). What is this “hard proof” used to
convict this woman?
How has Mary Warren changed since Act I?
7. Mary then reveals to the Proctors that Elizabeth has been “Somewhat mentioned” in court,
but refuses to say by whom. After she leaves the room Elizabeth says to John, “…the noose is
up! She wants me dead” (p. 196). What does she man by this?
Part II: Video Analysis. Answer the following questions as we watch the remainder of Act II on the
8. What does Hale’s arrival to the Proctor’s house signify?
9. What commandment does Proctor forget? What is ironic about this?
10. What does Elizabeth say about her belief in witches? Why is this a dangerous thing to say?
11. What news do Giles and Francis Nurse bring?
12. Why is Elizabeth charged? Who made these charges?
13. What finally gets John Proctor to be willing to go to the court and possibly confess his sin?