Cellular Respiration


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How do cells release the energy from glucose?

Cellular respiration only occurs in lungs cells


Without oxygen cellular respiration cannot continue.


The bread products that you eat are a result of alcoholic fermentation.


The process of converting energy from food molecules through chemical reactions to produce molecules of ATP.

ATP are molecules that the cell can use for energy.

Occurs in the mitochondria of both plant and animals.

Needs oxygen in order to take place.

Referred to as aerobic respiration.

Produces Carbon dioxide, water, and energy in the form of ATP

Most of the cells energy is made using this process.

Where does cellular respiration occur?

What are the end products of cellular respiration?

Which product is used by the cell for energy?

This is the process cells use to obtain energy when oxygen levels are low.

The process is called anaerobic “without oxygen”.

Fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm.

There are two types of fermentation

Alcohol fermentation

Lactic acid fermentation

When would a cell use fermentation instead of cellular respiration?

Alcohol fermentation

Used in making bread, beer, wine

Produces alcohol, carbon dioxide, and energy in the end.

Lactic acid fermentation

Produces lactic acid and energy

Some bacterial and fungi use this process in a making yogurt and cheese.

When you exercise your muscles use this process. The lactic acid that is produced can cause muscle cramps.

Compare and contrast the difference between cellular respiration and fermentation?

How are the two fermentation processes different?