Fermentation, aerobic respiration, and photosynthesis

Biology 11
Differentiate among fermentation, aerobic respiration, and photosynthesis in
Macmillan Biology
pp. 326 – 330
There is great diversity in the way in which monerans garner energy. Some collect
energy from sunlight (e.g. blue-green algae). Others depend on others for food, like the
bacteria which live on the surface of your skin. Some perform cellular respiration to
extract energy from food – an aerobic process (requiring oxygen) – while others perform
a process called fermentation (an anaerobic process which can happen in the complete
absence of O2!) to get their energy. As well, many monerans can perform either cellular
respiration or fermentation, depending on the environmental conditions.
Read from page 326 up to “Nutrition” on page 328. Note that only the photosynthetic
process at the top of Figure 18-11 requires light energy. Attempt questions 2, 3, 5, and 6
on page 330.
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