Reading Topics 19/1 Opening quote

Reading Topics 19/1
Opening quote-what year?
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” -1852
-Excerpts in reading…visuals and captions
-what law influenced her to write it?
-“Who” did she say wrote it?
-Success? Home & Overseas influences during civil war?
-Meeting w/Lincoln?
Hinton Helper’s “The Impending Crisis of the South” 1857 (from Iredell county  )
-From which State?
-Point of Book?
-South’s reaction, specifically?
Bloody Kansas- Popular (squatter) Sovereignty effects?
-New England Emigrant Aid Co.
-“Beechers Bibles?”
-# of Slaves in Kansas in Census of 1860?
-“border ruffians”- from where?
-Shawnee Mission v. Topeka ?
-Lawrence incident
-John Brown- Potawattomie Massacre?
-civil war in Kansas 1856 on…why?
-Lecompton Constitution- slave or Free Kansas?
-Buchanon’s support –effect on Democratic party
-Douglas’s opposition-why?-effects on the opinion of South?
-Congress rejects LC/ What do voters do in Kansas?/ Fate of Kansas?
Sumner-Brooks Incident
-Sumner-where from-his speech-topic?
-Brooks-where from-response-why?
-n&s response
-last paragraph of section…p.415 “emotion displaces thought” ???
Election of 1856
-Dem’s/Rep’s/americacn’s – who/issues/slogans – results-Why?
Dred Scott v. Sanford, 1857
-The case in detail… the ruling in detail…
-Chief Justice/bbox418
5th amendment? Privleges and immunities clause?
Miss. Comp of 1820/36-30 line/ ?? (already repealed ??)
Southern Response
Northern Response
Panic of 1857
Cause(s)/impact psychologically/effect of regions
Homestead Act? Tariff Issue? –Rep. Party 1860 platform?
Illinois Rail Splitter
V. Douglas for Senate in !858… How are Senators chosen? 17th amend. 1916???
Background/wife/Lawyer/”honest abe”-why?