Geography Powerpoint - Wattsburg Area School District

“Which is greater, the
impact of the earth on
people or the impact of
people on the earth?”
5 Themes of Geography
 Location
 Place
 Regions
 Movement
 Human Environment Interaction
Where a place is “located” on Earth.
 Absolute location – position on the globe
 Where Latitude and Longitude intersect.
Latitude and Longitude
 Get an atlas from the shelf.
 Silently to yourself….
Pick 3 cities
On the notecard, write down the latitude and longitudes of
those cities without identifying which city it is on the
 Switch cards with a partner
Name the cities represented with the lines of latitude and
 Relative location: its relation
compared to other places
Name several relative locations for Erie
1.40.4397° N, 79.9764° W
The human or physical characteristics
of an area that make it unique. (What
kind of place it is)
 Physical Characteristics: Those
made up of the natural environment.
(landforms, ecosystems, climate, terrain)
 Human Characteristics: Come
from human ideas and actions.
(how many people live, work, and visit,
language, customs)
 Physical – Hilly
 Human - City
An area of land that has common
(we will look at 2 types)
 Formal Regions: used to outline
governmental, physical, or cultural
areas. Usually has a border.
(political, states, countries, cities)
 Perceptual Region: defined by
people’s feelings and attitudes about
(North East, Ghetto, the South, Snow Belt)
Discuss the following
 What is the difference between Location and Place
when looking at the geographic themes?
 Compare the type of place Pittsburgh is with that of
How people and goods move within an area.
 This can be local such as
how did you get to
school today, or it can be
global such as how did
humans get to North
Human-environment interaction looks at
the relationships between people and their
 How do people depend on the environment?
 How do people adapt to the environment?
 How do people modify the environment?
Discuss with a partner
 What are the 5 themes of geography?
 Is the state of P.A a formal or perceptual region?
 How do we interact with the environment?
Apply your knowledge
 Complete the worksheet.
 You are looking for examples of our area.
 Turn into the mesh when finished
Collage Project
 You will be creating a collage of your cultural and
geographical setting using the 5 elements of culture
and the 5 themes of geography.
 This will be created using Power Point
 30 points Level 1
 When finished you will add it to the drop box on
the server. I will show you in the lab.
South of
Collage Project
 Go to
 Click on the Unit 1 tab from the menu
 Follow the detailed instructional powerpoint to create
a google presentation that will be shared with your