Chapter 6

• How are cell respiration and photosynthesis similar? different?
1. ingredients
2. direction
3. plants and animals
• Why must our cells convert the chemical energy of food into ATP?
1. cellular currency of energy
• What does “redox” stand for and how do these reactions work?
1. reduction-oxidation
2. electron transfer, charge
• What is Glycolysis?
1. glucose, NADH
• What is the Krebs cycle?
1. complete breakdown of sugar, NADH
• What is the Electron Transport Chain (ETC)?
1. falling electrons, energy levels
• Why is NADH important, what does it do?
1. get on the bus
• How many carbons are in glucose? pyruvic acid? Acetyl-CoA?
1. carbon is the basis of all life
• What are the roles of electrons and hydrogen ions in the ETC?
1. charge transfer
2. mitochondrial membrane
3. go with the flow
• How does ATP synthase work?
1. Hoover Dam
• How many ATP are produced during each stage of cell respiration?
1. 2, 2, 34
• What is the role of oxygen? how is water formed?
1. terminal electron acceptor
2. opposites attract