Independent Practice 1

Independent Practice 1
Unit 1: Chemistry Essentials & Classification
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Learning Target A: Safety
1. What piece of safety equipment in the lab would be best suited to remove toxic vapors from an
2. What piece of safety equipment would be best suited to put out a fire from an experiment?
Learning Target B: Scientific Notation
3. Convert the following scientific notation numbers into standard notation:
a. 5.2 x 103
b. 9.65 x 10-4
c. 8.5 x 10-2
d. 2.71 x 104
4. Convert the following standard notation numbers into scientific notation:
a. 78000
b. 0.00053
c. 0.875
d. 8800
Learning Target C: Uncertainty: Accuracy and Precision
A student obtained the data shown after measuring the mass of an object three different times.
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Mass (g)
If the accepted value of the object’s mass is 5.43 g is this data accurate, precise, both accurate and precise, or
neither accurate nor precise? Why?
Learning Target D: Metric System & Dimensional Analysis
5. Write the conversion factor (fraction form) that converts each of the following:
a. Grams to kilograms
b. Kilograms to grams
c. Milliliters to liters
d. Liters to milliliters
e. Meters to centimeters
micrometers to centimeters
6. For the following conversions, show your work including how to set up the dimensional analysis:
a. Convert 80 centuries to years
b. Convert 48,673 seconds to days
c. Convert 4800000 millimeters to kilometers