KR Quiz 5 - Books into Movies - KIDSREAD

Quiz 5
September 11, 2013
Who is the author of the
book Life of Pi
Yann Martel
What romance novel about two
kids with cancer is to be released
Bonus point: who is the author
The Fault in our Stars
John Green
What is the title of the
book about a really
smart girl, written by
Roald Dahl?
In the book, Ender’s
Game, Ender becomes a
successful leader and is
in charge of a really
powerful squad. Name
his star student.
How does Coraline find
the hidden door?
Through the circus
What character in The Hunger Games
was cut out of the movie?
Madge Undersee
In this novel by Michael Morpurgo, a
horse called Joey recounts his
experiences in World War I. What is
the title?
War Horse
Glenn Close and Christopher Walken
starred in the movie made from
which Newbery Medal winner?
Sarah Plain and Tall by
Patricia MacLachlan
The invention of Hugo
Brian Selznick
Tangshan Tigers
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
John Boyne
This year's competition KIDS READ categories
And the winner is…
Horribly horrible
Here in Asia
focus on Newbery Award winners
books about zombies, vampires, etc.
books were the setting is within the last
100 years in Asia
4. You ought to be in pictures! movie category
5. Through the looking glass
books where the characters are
transported from earth to some other
6. Its sooo shiny!
where jewelry plays a major part of the
7. Gods and Goddesses
how well do you know your mythology?
8. Faster than a speeding bullet how well do you know your superheroes?
9. Part two
questions about the sequels, or part
twos, of books
10. As bad as it gets
dystopian novels