TOTVS: Think Together
TOTVS is the market leader for business management software and one of the most innovative
brands today. The Brazilian company has over 50% market share in Brazil and is the leader in
Latin America, according to Gartner. To always maintain an innovative edge, they invest in
development centers which each focus on a specific segment, including one in Silicon Valley,
TOTVS Labs. The company’s 26,000 clients are one of their main sources of inspiration. Focused
on meeting their needs and demands, TOTVS strives each day to offer simple, agile and
specialized solutions. This promise is expressed in the TOTVS slogan: Think Together.
In the research centers, solutions are created that are in line with the most modern technology
trends like cloud computing, mobility, big data and social. The goal is to offer a comprehensive
portfolio of solutions that goes beyond the ERP and provides tools for 10 diverse segments of the
economy. They work with all types of businesses - from the individual entrepreneur to large
TOTVS is present in 39 countries. In Brazil, they have five main offices (São Paulo, Rio de
Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, and Pernambuco, 52 franchises and 9 development centers.
They also have two main offices in Argentina and Mexico, a development center in Mexico and
an R&D and venture capital branch in Silicon Valley, USA. In 2014, the company had a total
revenue of $1.8 billion BRL, which represents a 10% growth from 2013.
The numbers demonstrate how TOTVS is a company based on creating solutions based on
efficiency and innovation. Including both the main offices and franchises, TOTVS has over 12,000
employees. In the São Paulo headquarters alone, there are over 1,500.
The headquarters has a UX Lab which is dedicated to modifying processes, interfaces, and
navigability of company solutions based on the user experience. They also have a boldly
designed meeting space, the Espaço Arena, where employees can bring prospective clients and
partners who are interested in learning more about company solutions.
In the west zone of São Paulo, Itain Bibi, TOTVS has another office where TOTVS Consulting
operates and where they can attend to large clients. Inaugurated in 2008, TOTVS Consulting
works on projects involving company performance, operations, and people and IT management.
They also attend to a variety of specialized projects in many areas including energy, the public
sector, utilities, finance, education, retail, construction and projects, health and manufacturing.
They attend to businesses of all sizes - from small to medium sized companies to large
multinationals with presence around Latin America.
The Fluig Platform
Fluig, founded in June 2013, is a productivity and collaboration platform that integrates the
management of processes, documents, and identity into one single interface, accessible from any
mobile device. It is a layer that can be fully integrated to any ERP or management system, such
as CRM and SCM, and helps companies make the most of IT investments.
The Segmentation Strategy
For each segment that TOTVS operates, they have a business intelligence unit that is
responsible for elaborating strategies and actions, fostering market relationships and identifying
strategic partners. The objective is to offer personalized software that follows the rules and
regulations of each segment. The segments TOTVS attends to are: Agriculture, Manufacturing,
Distribution and Logistics, Retail, Financial Services, Construction and Projects, Legal, Education,
Health and Services.
In 2013, TOTVS organized their development centers so that each one would focus exclusively
on specific sectors, allowing them to have specialized knowledge in each area.
Presence in Silicon Valley
In October 2012, TOTVS opened a branch in the United States with the objective of developing
new technologies and solutions focused on cloud computing, social media, big data and mobile
devices. TOTVS Labs was created.
With a team of designers, scientists and engineers from Brazil, the United States, China, Taiwan
and India, the new office had the role of developing technology and identifying and strengthening
partnerships with local startups and companies.
In June 2012, TOTVS Ventures, the venture capital branch of TOTVS, led an investment of $22
million USD in GoodData, a company based in California that provides big data applications and
analytics in the cloud. The contact between the two companies started at TOTVS Labs.
Betting on startups
TOTVS Ventures, the corporate venture capital branch of TOTVS, is focused on creating value
through investments in companies with high growth potential and fostering synergies with new
Shortly after their foundation in June 2012, they made their first investment in January 2013 in – a platform that offers enterprise mobility management for non-programmers.
In 2013, TOTVS Ventures created the first annual startup challenge TOTVS START it up. After a
five month selection process, Intelie, a startup from Rio de Janeiro that develops real-time data
analysis solutions, was chosen as the winner to receive a Series A investment of $1.7 million
BRL. Agendar, a company specialized in SaaS CRM solutions for small to medium sized
businesses, received second place and a seed investment of $350,000 BRL.
A history of success
The idea for TOTVS started in a service bureau, SIGA, in the North Zone of São Paulo in 1969,
the same year the company was founded by Ernesto Haberkorn. Laércio Cosentino, TOTVS’
current president, had started working at the bureau as an intern. In the late 1980s, he presented
a visionary business idea to Ernesto and, soon after, became a partner.
SIGA developed business management systems that automated administrative processes. With
the rise of microcomputers in the 80s, Laércio could see it was the time to start developing
software for personal computers and Ernesto liked the idea. In 1983, Laércio and Ernesto
together founded Microsiga.
The partnership was successful. In 1989, Microsiga launched a brave expansion plan based on a
franchise model. Today, they have more than 52 channels around Brazil.
As Microsiga continued to grow at a rapid pace, the next step was to secure investment. In 1999,
they partnered with Advent, which strengthened their expansion and market consolidation
strategy. The partnership lasted until 2005, when TOTVS rebought the remaining 25%. In that
same year, they acquired Logocenter.
The following year, the company changed their name from Microsiga to TOTVS, which means all,
everyone, totality in Latin. In March 2006, TOTVS became the first IT company in Latin America
to IPO in the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa). They also placed on Bovespa’s New Market
(Novo Mercado), a list of companies that have passed some of the highest criteria for corporate
governance. The importance of transparency and governance is expressed in the documents
from the board members, who are mostly independent.
Two months after going public, they bought RM Sistemas. In the last trimester of 2007, using their
own funds, they acquired two more companies, Midbyte and BCS, adding to their portfolio of
products designed for small to medium sized businesses. In the same year, TOTVS signed a joint
venture with Quality, creating TQTVD to act in the Digital TV segment.
In August 2008, the company bought their most important national competitor, Datasul,
significantly expanding their portfolio and vertical solutions. In total, TOTVS is formed of over 20
companies and more than 12,000 employees.
The acquisitions brought a new challenge for TOTVS: seamlessly integrating new applications to
TOTVS solutions while maintaining their individual business and technology features. It was
essential to perform these integrations in a way that brought all the tools together while still
maintaining one unified interface
Institute of Social Opportunity
In 1998, TOTVS founded the Institute of Social Opportunity (IOS)- a nonprofit with the objective
of helping youth and underprivileged obtain better employment opportunities. In their mission to
reduce inequality and foster social growth, the IOS created the Competence Program. The
program prepares participants to work in the areas of business administration and IT by providing
them with skills for professional and personal growth and preparing them to compete in the job
Along with teaching these skills, the program also offers socio-educational programs and
reinforces the importance of education, relationships, communication, leadership and civic
consciousness. In just 14 years, the IOS has changed the lives of over 20,000 people.
Through the work of TOTVS and their partners, IOS has expanded throughout Brazil. Some of
the partners involved include: ADCCONT, Burger King Brazil, Etna, Balaska, Parmalat, Certisign,
Guaratinguetá, Ren, Adar, Surya do Brasil, Laskani and Orcimet. IOS has 18 locations and is
headquartered in Santana, a neighborhood in São Paulo.
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