Ch. 8 Israel

Ch. 8 Israel
After this chapter you will know:
Where Canaan is located
What a dwelling looks like in Canaan
The differences between monotheism and
The beliefs of the ancient Israelites
The key leaders of the ancient Israelites
The role of kings in ancient Israel
The role of religion in everyday life
About Jewish exile in Babylon and the Jews’
return to Judah
What life was like for the Jews
Title --- Ch. 8 The Israelites 1800BC – AD 70
• Background Knowledge:
p. 196 and 197
– The land of Canaan lies that the junction of three continents: Asia, Europe,
and Africa.
– Canaan’s lowest point is the Dead Sea, Which lies 1339 feet below sea level.
– It has a Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry with short, warm, and wet
winters. In the desert areas, the high temperatures can reach 114 degrees F.
• Draw the map ----------------- Map quiz in 40 mins!!!!
– Include the following:
• Continents: Africa, Asia, Europe
• Kingdoms: Canaan, Egypt, Kush, Arabia, Persia, Mesopotamia
• Seas: Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea,
Dead Sea
• Rivers: Nile River, Nile Delta, Jordan River, Tigris River,
Euphrates River
• Deserts: Western Desert, Arabian Desert; draw in symbols for
desert all around Egypt, Canaan, and Arabia
• Mountain: Mt. Sinai; draw in symbols of mountains in Arabia
• Cities: Babylon, Nineveh, Tyre, Samaria, Jericho, Jerusalem,
Bethlehem, Yavneh, Alexandria, Memphis, Thebes
• Other: draw in symbols of hills around the Dead Sea and
• Key: draw a key for the symbols you included in your map
Map Quiz
Only label A – I
There will be extras in
the word bank
Word Bank:
•North America
•Persian Gulf
•Red Sea
•Dead Sea
•Nile Delta
•Mediterranean Sea
•Tigris River
•Euphrates River