Social Studies Final Exam Wednesday June 4, 2014 Multiple

Social Studies Final Exam
Wednesday June 4, 2014
Multiple Choice and True/False (30-35 questions)
Chapter 1
1. How did the Paleolithic people adapt to their environment? P 125
2. Where were the first civilizations in Mesopotamia? pp 133 & 134
3. What kinds of contributions did Sumerians make? pp 136 & 137
4. What helped Assyria build an empire in Mesopotamia? p 143
5. What scientific advancement did the Chaldeans make? p. 145-147
Chapter 2 Section 2
1. Who was Re
2. How did the building of the pyramids lead to advances in the science and
3. How was stone for a pyramid transported to the building site?
Chapter 2 Section 3
1. Who was Hatshepsut and what was unique about her reign
2. Amenhotep/Akhenaton- why did he create a new religion.
3. Who was the god Aton
4. What are tributes and who was forced to pay them?
Chapter 3 Section 1
1. What was the importance and development of the Phoenician alphabet?
2. What was the role of the judges in Ancient Israel, in particular Deborah?
3. Who led the Israelites back to Canaan? Why did they leave Canaan to begin
4. What is monotheism?
Chapter 3 Section 2
1. Who were the prophets and why they important to the Israelites?
2. Why was David anointed king in secret?
3. What is the Babylonian captivity?
Chapter 4 Section 1
1. What two rivers provide water for farming in the river valleys of India? (p.
2. What is a varna? (p. 244)
3. Why and how are cattle important to the Aryans? (p. 242)
Chapter 4 Section 2
1. What is the third largest religion in the world today and one of the oldest? p.
2. What is ahimsa and what modern leaders used this concept? p. 252-253
3. Who was Siddhartha Gautama? p. 249
Chapter 4 Section 3
1. What are the two sacred texts called that are very famous in India and write
about warriors and their bravery? p. 265
2. What did Asoka choose to do with his life after he became a great military
ruler? p. 262
Chapter 5 Section 1
1. Who led a rebellion against the Shang and created a new dynasty? P. 281
2. What gave a Zhou king the power to rule? P. 282
Chapter 5 Section 3
1. Who founded the Han dynasty? P. 298
2. What philosophy did Qin base his leadership style? P. 295
3. What was built to keep out the Xiongnu? P. 296
4. What was the Silk Road? P. 300
Chapter 7 Section 1
1. Name three rights granted to Greek citizens that American citizens have
today. P. 342
2. What leaders became the first Greek kings? P. 339
3. How did many ancient Greeks make a living? P. 337
Chapter 7 Section 2
1. What is an oligarchy? P. 346
2. How did the Spartans keep people from questioning their system of
government? P. 347
Chapter 7 Section 3
1. Know about the four major battles of the Persian War. Use your chart from
question 3 on p. 357 to answer this question.