Literature Circle Roles


Literature Circles Roles

For this book we will be using the Literature Circles format. After you read a chapter, you will complete one of the tasks below. During sharing times, you will discuss the chapter with your group and show your assignment. You MUST complete each role before repeating them. No one in your group should have the same role at the same time.


Your role is to predict what will happen next. You can predict what a character will do, what event will happen or what will take place next. When you are making predictions, you will need to predict based on something from the text and your own feelings about why you think it will happen next. Remember, it’s okay to make predictions that don’t actually happen in the story.

*You will need to predict AT LEAST two things you think will happen. AT LEAST one sentence explaining what you think will happen, and one sentence explain WHY you think this will happen, based on the text.


: Your job is to dig up some background information on the book and any topic related to it. Use whatever means you have at your disposal. Always use citations (web site, book, etc) Suggested areas of research: The geography, weather, culture and history of the book’s setting.

Information about the author, her/his life, and other works.

Information about the period portrayed in the book.

Pictures, objects, or materials that illustrate elements of the book.

Music that reflects the book or the period.

*You must have at least 75 words related to what you are researching and your citation.

Travel Tracer:

In a book where characters move around a lot and the scenes change frequently, it is important for everyone in your group to know where things are happening and how the setting may have changed. Your job is to track where the action takes place. Describe each setting in detail, either in words or with a picture map that you can show and discuss with your group. Be sure to give the page numbers.

*If you are writing, include at least 50 words/location. If you are drawing, include a map key.


Write a summary that describes what happened in this section of the book. Be sure you write in complete sentences and include lots of details. Your writing should be at least 75 words.

*Don't forget: who, what, where, when, why, how and so what?

Discussion Director:

Write at least 5 questions for your group to discuss.

The questions should have to do with the section of the book you're reading. Be sure your questions are interesting and open-ended so everyone will be able to answer it in their own way (not “yes” or “no” answers… )

*You need to come up with at least 5 (FIVE!) excellent questions from the section you just read.

They should start a discussion and show me you have read and understand the book

NO: What's your favorite part of the book?

YES: What part did you like better and why: when jdhkjlhkghdafhkjha happened or when djkzhkjljrg did?

Word Wizard:

Your job is to search for words in this section of the book that you (or others in your group) might not know. After you find challenging words, tell where they are used in the story and find the definitions.

*You MUST find at least 5 words per section. Please write the word, page number, paragraph number and sentence number, then define the word. In addition, you must create AN ORIGINAL sentence using each vocabulary word.

Artful Adventurer:

Draw a picture of one scene from the section of the book you're reading. Your picture should be colorful and have lots of details.

*You do not have to be a great artist, but I can tell if you have tried or not! Please include a caption under your picture describing what you have drawn and why.

Real-Life Connector:

Your job is to find parts from the story that remind you of things that happened to you or someone else in real life. When you describe the real-life connection, give as many details as possible.

*Your connection should be at least 75 words long. Describe what happened to you, or someone you know and how it relates to the story.

Character Captain:

Your job is to pick one character from the chapter and describe him/her with three different adjectives (describing words). Then, you must explain why you chose those adjectives to describe your character citing specific details from the chapter.

*Along with choosing 3 adjectives (describing words) for your character, include at least 50 words per adjective explanation.

Lexy Lexicon:

Your job is to pick 5 words from the chapter and write them down. Next to each word, you will write two synonyms for that word. Then, you will merge those two synonyms into a brand new word. Finally, you will write a sentence using your brand new word using context clues so your group can guess the definition.

How will you be assessed?

E Roles: (These may be rare!)

Roles will have followed all the instructions above and then

EXCEED the expectations.

M Roles:

Roles will have followed all the instructions above.

P Roles:

Role will be mostly complete, but lacking part of the description.

I Roles: (Hopefully these are rare too!)

Role will be missing most of the description.