Academic Choice Project:

Academic Choice Project:
Write a letter to the author and
explain why this book interests
or appeals to you. Tell the
author at least three reasons the
book is appealing or interesting
to students.
Academic Choice Project:
Write out the title of the book and
for EACH letter write a complete
sentence or two that BEST describes
some aspect of your book. THIS
Academic Choice Project:
Draw a map of the book’s
major setting. Include a written
explanation of at least three
locations on your map and why
the setting was important
to the story.
Academic Choice Project:
Choose your favorite character from the novel. With this
character, choose 5 adjectives and explain how EACH adjective
applies or relates to your favorite character. Remember:
adjectives are describing words; they help us paint a picture in
our mind of what something looks like. For example, Gloria is a
shy girl—shy is describing what type of girl Gloria is. After each
adjective, you must write at least three explanatory sentence and
give specific examples from the book.
Academic Choice Project:
Create a piece of art that relates to one (or
more) of the book’s themes, characters,
events, symbols, or settings. In one
paragraphs (minimum), compare, describe,
and discuss the connections you made with
your piece of art and the novel.