Welcome Family and Friends!

Family and Friends!
Mrs. Lisa Roscoe and
Ms. Michelle Brinker
Are you smarter than a
ninth grader?
• Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird?
– Harper Lee
• What two families have an ancient
grudge in Romeo and Juliet?
– The Montagues and Capulets
• Animal Farm is an allegory of what
historical event?
– The Russian Revolution
A little about myself…
• Archbishop Wood High School
• B.S. from Kutztown University and a
M.Ed in Special Education from Lehigh
• 17 years of teaching!!
A little about myself…
• Neshaminy High School Graduate
• B.A. and M.Ed. from Lehigh University
• M.S. from Wilkes University
• Sixth year of teaching.
English 9
The purpose of this course is to
assist students in continuing their
growth in reading, writing, listening,
speaking, and research through the
use of reading and writing
workshops, reading and writing
strategies, and guided and
independent practice.
Course Structure
• Every other week vocabulary unit;
every other week grammar unit.
– Introduce on Monday.
– Review on Wednesday/Thursday
– Quiz on Friday.
• Reading, writing, speaking and
listening each day!
Vocabulary Workbooks
• $10 for consumable vocabulary
exercise workbooks.
• Checks payable to: CRS Activities’
Fund – English
• This cost can be avoided if the book
is returned in brand-new condition,
free of any markings.
Literature and Writing
Literature Focus
Writing Focus
A Raisin in the Sun
Express and Reflect
Animal Farm;
Illustrated Man
Inform and Explain
To Kill a Mockingbird
Research Skills
Romeo and Juliet;
Short Stories
Evaluate and Judge
Late Work Expectations
• 10% will be deducted for each day a
short-term assignment is late.
• 25-50% will be deducted for each
day a long-term assignment is late.
• Vocabulary assignments may be
turned in the following Monday for
half credit.
Missed Quizzes and Tests
• Make-up quizzes and tests cannot be
completed in class.
• Students will have 4 clinic days (about
2 weeks) for make-up quizzes and tests.
• After 2 weeks, the grade is a zero.
• It is the student’s responsibility to
schedule a day/time.
• Tuesdays/Thursdays; except the
first Tuesday of every month.
• 2:30 – 3:00
• Room 231
• Not always individualized
• Individual help is by appointment
Printing Policy
We do not send students to the library
or lab to print assignments nor do we
accept assignments via e-mail.
If a student experiences any printing
problems the night before an assignment
is due he/she may e-mail a copy of the
This will give the student an
extra 24 hours to turn in a
hardcopy of the assignment.
Web site, Calendar, and
Return of Assessments
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Index Cards
• Front – Write your child’s name.
• Back - Please take a moment to write
your child a few words of