Chapter 30 – Review

Chapter 30 – A New Global Era, 1980-Present
Websites to be used:
Guided Questions for Chapter 30:
1. What led to the rise of conservatism and the ‘Reagan Revolution’?
2. How did the Cold War end and should Regan get the credit?
3. Describe the causes that led to the political partisanship of the 1990s.
Assignment #1- (The Rise of Conservatism & Ronald Regan)
Assignment Questions:
1. Define ‘Reaganomics’.
2. How would you characterize Reagan’s relationship with labor?
3. What was the ‘Iran-Contra Affair?’
Read: pages 642-643 (The Rise of Conservatism)
Read: The New Right
Read: The Reagan Years
Watch: Ronald Reagan
Read: pages 643-650 (Ronald Reagan)
Read: Morning in America
Read: Reaganomics
Read: Foreign and Domestic Entanglements
Read: Life in the 1980s
Assignment #2- (George H. Bush & The End of the Cold War)
Assignment Questions:
1. What foreign policy aftershocks occurred during Bush’s presidency?
2. Why did the United States take part in the Persian Gulf War?
Read: pages 650-653 (George H. Bush & End of the Cold War)
Read: The End of the Cold War
Read: Operation Desert Storm
Watch: George Bush
Assignment #3- (Bill Clinton)
Assignment Questions:
1. What reasons would you give for the state of the economy during Clinton’s tenure in
2. Why was Clinton impeached?
3. Briefly explain why Clinton intervened in Bosnia in 1995 and Kosovo in 1999.
Read: pages 653-659 (The Clinton Years)
Read: A Baby Boomer in the White House
Read: Republicans vs. Democrats