Unit 12 Test Review

Review for Unit 12 Test
This accounts for 90% of the test
Fall of the Soviet Union (When? Why?)
Mikhail Gorbachev
Nixon’s Watergate resignation
Growth of American exports in 80s and 90s
Jimmy Carter’s victory in 1976
Reagan’s response to AIDS
Iran-Contra affair / Oliver North
Moral Majority
Iraq and the Gulf War
Youth counterculture (1970s)
The Feminine Mystique
Cesar Chavez
George H. W. Bush and 1992 election
Nixon’s foreign policy
Kent State University
Camp David Accords
Clinton and the economy
Terrorist attacks and 9/11 (2 questions)
The US in the 1990s (compared to the world)
Nixon Doctrine
Gerald Ford
Grenada invasion
Nixon’s policy on Vietnam
“Silent Majority”
Reagan’s re-election 1984
Students at UC Berkeley – 1964
Clinton and health-care reform
1968 Democratic National Convention
George H. W. Bush’s goal as president
Intermediate-range nuclear missiles
Violent crime in the 1990s
NATO and “ethnic cleansing”
Gulf War and Saddam Hussein
Iran-Iraq War (1980s)
Nixon’s “southern strategy”
Feminist movement
Reagan’s presidency as a whole
Vietnam War consequences
Reagan’s presidential campaign
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Jimmy Carter and the economy
Bill Clinton’s strategy for president
Iran-Contra and Reagan
Chicano (the term)
Republican Contract with America
Vietnam peace settlement and aftermath