PSY 450 Human Learning and Memory Quiz #1 Study Guide

PSY 450 Human Learning and Memory
Quiz #1 Study Guide
Understand the definition and nature of learning.
Know the difference between principles and theories. Be able to identify one over the other.
Understand the different theories discussed in class (i.e. behaviorism, cognitive, social learning etc…)
Know why theories are beneficial and why they are detrimental.
Know the different parts of the nervous system which were discussed in class (CNS, PNS, Somatic etc…).
Understand the various parts of the Neuron and how a neuron transmits a message.
Know what a reflex is and how it differs from Learning.
Understand the different ways the brain is studied.
Be able to identify the lobes of the brain and their primary areas of responsibility.
Be familiar with the term lateralization as it applies to the left and right hemispheres. Also understand how
and why this occurs as well as the gender differences discussed in class.
Understand the growth of neurons during the prenatal period.
Understand the issue of synaptic pruning. What is it and what are its results?
Know what myelination is and why it is important.
What is a critical period?
Be able to compare and contrast neurotransmitters and neuropeptides.