Name: _______________________________ USVA History

Name: _______________________________
USVA History
Study Guide– Chapter 6.1 and 6.2 – Washington and Adams
1. The different views of economic and foreign policy issues led to the development of the
first American political parties, ___________________ and ____________________.
2. The Federalist Party was led by _______________________________ and John Adams.
3. The Democratic-Republican Party (aka Republican) was led by
____________________________ and ___________________________.
4. The Federalists believed in a strong __________________________ government.
5. The Democratic-Republicans believed in strong _____________________ governments.
6. The ___________________ Party believed in a pro-business and commercial economy.
7. The ___________________ Party believed in an agricultural economy.
8. Jefferson was supported by farmers, artisans, and frontier settlers in the _____________.
9. Hamilton was supported by bankers and business interests in the ___________________.
10. Hamilton and the Federalists supported the _____________________________________
as an institution that could hold federal tax receipts and issue paper currency.
11. Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans argued against the ____________________,
as they believed it offered too many concessions to the British, who were occupying forts
located in the American Northwest territories.
12. As a result of the ______________________, the United States entered into an
undeclared naval war with France in 1798.