Reflecting on Character Relationships (p. 195)

Day 13
Warm-Up: Discussion
With your partner, discuss how the events of Chapter 9
(Enzinma’s illness) are connected to Ikemefuna’s
death in the previous chapter. What conclusions might
Okonkwo’s community draw from the juxtaposition of
these two events?
Reflecting on Character Relationships (p. 195)
3. Use
the graphic organizer below to begin Okonkwo’s family tree. Write in the names of three of his
relatives, adding details about each.
Groups of 6
Creating an Ibo Tableau
(freeze-frame of characters)
Begin by writing the name of each character on its own index
card and giving each group member a character card.
Review the basic facts about your character. Write a short
statement that your character will give. The statement should
begin with “I am…”; then state your character’s name and
reveal an interesting fact about that character. Just as the
characters’ positions in the tableau will explain their
relationships with one another, try to let the lines you write
and the way you deliver them reveal your character’s attitude
and personality.
Work with your group to decide where each character should
stand, how he or she should pose, and where he or she
should be positioned in relation to others. Be prepared to
present your tableau to the class. You and fellow characters
should strike the pose and then step out of the freeze-frame
one at a time to deliver your lines
Chimamanda Adichie:
The danger of a single story
 Video
 Write a journal explaining why your group posed the
way they did. What was the rationale behind your
character and where and how your character posed?