Junior Business Intelligence Analyst

Junior Business Intelligence Analyst
We are Purplebeard - a fast growing international company working on exciting projects
We are actively on the lookout for the best and the brightest – if you are a creative, intelligent,
and highly-motivated professional with a burning desire to contribute to our rapidly growing
and cutting edge company, then we want to hear from you today!
We are looking for a numbers ninja and analytical guru that can help us elevate the BI team to
the next level. This perfect candidate will dream about KPIs and Predictive Analytics in their
sleep. His/hers perfect Monday afternoon will involve resolving inconsistencies across reports,
helping users to find the right analysis in our BI portal and/or creating audit scripts that will
ensure that data in database is accurate all the time. We are looking for someone that enjoys
undertaking challenging projects using some of the latest cloud technology available.
What we offer:
You will support the BI team of one of the largest gaming companies in the world where each
new project is more exciting and interesting then the one before. We constantly roll out new
games and we pride ourselves in attracting some of the best analytical minds in the world.
Working with the latest and most advanced Business Intelligence technology.
Oh, and you can also play games at work. Me are serious.
Functional skill requirements
- Proficient in SQL
- Solid understanding of DB Architecture, dimensions and facts
- Experience in either MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Redshift or other databases
- Proven track record with building financial and operational reports.
- Focus on accuracy and data integrity
- Proficiency in MS Excel
- Experience in Tableau is an big asset
Operational skill requirements
- Fluent English, German is an asset
- Ability to work independently
- Proven track record to solve complex problems
- Out of the box thinker
- Multitasker that can prioritize well and manage multiple projects simultaneously
Screening Questions:
In your cover letter please write how many days/months/years will it take a crew of
97 people to wash all windows in all homes and apartments in the city of Burgas
BI Analyst
 Build reports in Tableau
 Adjust reports/filters as per users requirements submitted via Jira
 Perform QA on the data in the reports
 Handle user questions in the nature of "The numbers in this report do not match other report..."
 Load csv data into Data Warehouse (redhsift)
 Create aggregates via SQL in Data Warehouse that hold summarized data
 Create tables for loading game data for new games and then merge the data from stage into
production tables
 Use SQL skills to dig for answers in the data and explain increases/decreases in the reports
Generally the position is less analytical and statistically focused and more hands-on reporting. The position
entails the following tasks:
1) Becoming a Tableau Expert
- Manage existing reports in tableau, verify reports and adjust them if necessary
- Manage User-Management: role-assignment, create new users, delete users, manage groups
2) Support in Documentation
- Creating ERD-Diagrams and process overviews if needed.
- Manage all reports and adjust definitions and captions
- Becoming a specialist in the definition of our KPIs and different views on reports (e.g. marketing vs.
3) DWH-support
- setting up staging tables
- loading data from S3 in redshift
- run and test extracts and reports
4) Quality Assurance
- checking reports on a daily basis for failures
- keeping an overview over our documentation, KPI-definitions and reports and adjust if necessary.
-need regular Skype calls to stay up to date.
Next steps
- The next step for the candidates would be a case study that will require aprox. 4 hours of work and will
need to be completed in 2 days. The goal of this case-study is to give you an example of how a daily task
could look like and see how you will handle this task.
SQL skills
Experience to create reports with common software (Qlick, Tableau, SAP, OBIEE, BIRT, Jasper)
Experience working with KPIs and Metrics
Experience auditing reports and performing analysi