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Tableau Questions

Tableau Workshop 1.0
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Q1.) Create an inner join between orders people and return table and get the number of rows from
the output table.
Q2.) Create a right join between people and order table and get the number of rows.
Q3.) What is the difference between a union and a join in tableau?
Q4.) What do you understand by automatic union?
Q5.) Create a text table using segment and profit. Mention which segment is having maximum profit.
Q6.) Create a highlight table showing sales for different states. Which state is having a maximum
sales ?
Q7.) Create a highlight table showing category and sub category for average discount. Mention
which category and sub-category Is having minimum value.
Q8.) Create a map showing state and quantity ordered by that state.
Q9.) Create a map and show which state is having maximum loss. Also add text.
Q10.) Create a map showing discount and profit for different states assign color and label property
to each of them
Q11.) Create a combination of Pie chart on a map
Q12.) Create a pie Chart showing sales for different sub categories.
Q13.) How can we sort a dimension based on a measure?
Q14.) Create a donut chart
Q15.) Create a bar chart showing sales for different states and show only top 10 states.
Q16.) Create a circle view for different sub categories and color code the circles on the basis of
Q17.) Create a circle view for category and sales.
Q18.) Create a Gantt chart to show days to deliver from 15th of November to 30th of November.
Q19.) Create a Gantt chart for different ship modes and get the average delivery time for November
and December 2017.
Q20.) Create an arrow indicator for sales bucket
Q21.) Create a calculated field to check I and T in categories.
Q22.)Create a calculated field to check which categories are ending with a vowel
Q23.) Create a table and add a calculated field showing sqrt of the profit
Q24.) Get 1 for the all the order dates
Q25.) How can I do type conversion for numeric sales and make it as string values?
Q26.) How many orders were shipped national holiday?
Q27.) How many product names are having length greater than eight?
Q28.) Create a calculated field saying “Hello Username”
When adding actions from one dashboard to another always remember to check “show sheets as
tabs” before publishing it