New York City

New York City
Amber Chestnut
New York City
New York City
• The population is around 8.4 million
• New York City is the culture capital of the world
• Around 40 million tourists visit New York
Food Trucks
It is popular to find food
trucks in New York City.
Most New Yorkers are on
the run and can not
always stop for a whole
meal so they go to a food
There are a lot of shops in
New York like.
• Bloomingdale’s,
Barneys New York,
and Century 21
Statue of
Facts on the Statue of Liberty
• It is copper.
• It was a gift from France.
• It is located on Liberty Island in the
New York harbor.
• The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of
World Trade Center
Facts on the World Trade center
• the towers stood at 110 stories
each, accommodating 50,000
workers and 200,000 daily
• On September 11, 2001 New
York suffered the deadliest attack
in the history of the United
States when a group of terrorist
crashed two high jacked jets into
the city’s tallest buildings the
Twin Towers of the World Trade
Center. The buildings were
destroyed and nearly 3,000 were
killed in the wake of the disaster
the city remained a major
financial capital and tourist
• There is a 9/11 museum
Places in New York City
Time Square
Central Park
This is were the ball drops on New Years
There is a European garden that you can see without
flying to Europe.
• St. Patrick Day Parade
• Macey’s Thanksgiving
Day Parade!prettyPhoto
Subways in New York
A lot of people in New York
City ride the subway or walk
because the roads in the city
are always really busy.
Fun Facts
• There is a birth every 4.4 minutes in New York City.
• There is a death every 9.1 minutes in New York City.
• There’s a man who mines sidewalks for gold. He can make over $600
a week.
• More than 47% of NYC residents over the age of five speak another
language other than English at home.
Why New York City?
• My grandma worked in the RCA building in Rockefeller Plaza. This is
where the NBC Today Show is broadcasted. She remembers looking
at the ice skaters at Rockefeller Plaza during the winter and shopping
on 5th Avenue.
• My step uncle Thomas worked in the Merrill Lynch building across
from the Word Trade Center. He witnessed the 1st bombing and was
leaving the subway during the 2nd bombing. He saw people jumping
from the windows trying to escape. He had to walk out of the city,
and his feet became raw with blisters.
The End