Amanda Rawls


Amanda Rawls

TF NY Trip Lesson Plan

NCSCS Objectives: First Grade Competency Goal 3- The learner will recognize and understand the concept of change in various settings.

3.01 Describe personal and family changes, past, and present.

3.02 Describe past and present changes within the local community.

3.03 Compare and contrast past and present changes within the local community and communities around the world.

3.04 Recognize that members of the community are affected by changes in the community that occur over time.

Lesson Objectives: The Student will recognize the changes that were brought about by 9/11, describe how it has changed local communities and communities around the world, and appreciate the impact that it had to bring us together as a country.


9/11 Remember the Heroes Picture Booklet

Statue of Liberty Bear





Good morning boys and girls. *hold up Statue of Liberty Bear* Raise your hand if you know what this is (SR- teddy bear, statue of liberty, etc). Do you know why we have the

Statue of Liberty? It represents the freedom in our country that helps us be able to go and do things the way we want to do them without being treated unfairly by the leaders of our country.

Statement of Objective:

Today we are going to be learning more about the freedom in our country and the changes that have taken place to bring us to where we are today.

Teacher Input:

How many of you have heard of New York? What do you know about New York? Back in 2001, a major change happened in New York that caused our country to change our ways of living and our ways of seeing everything around us. Does anyone remember anything important about the date September 11? It was our first time being attacked inside our country. Two airplanes smashed into a large building called the World Trade

Center in New York. A lot of people got hurt and some lost their lives. *Show a few pictures from the 9/11 Remember the Heroes Picture Booklet* That day taught us as a country that we have to fight for our freedom and safety and that we should be very thankful to live where we do. We are now overseas trying to fight for our freedom and the freedom of others because not all countries are allowed to be free like we are.

Guided Practice:

Can you name any other important changes or things that have happened that has changed the world that we live in? It can even be things in our town that changed the way we live. Name some of the important changes that you can think of. *Teacher makes list on the board* (SR- end of slavery, wars, death of important leaders, etc.)

Independent Practice:

Draw a picture that shows how you feel about the freedom in our country. What do you think about when you think about our home? You might want to think about symbols such as flags or red, white, and blue stars. Create a drawing that represents how you feel about America and how lucky we are to be free. You could also choose to draw a picture in memory of the victims of 9/11 or include some of the major changes that we talked about today that brought freedom to our country.


It is very important for us to remember that as we grow up, many things will change in our lives. We have to learn to adapt to whatever happens and always stick together so we can live happy lives. Never forget how lucky we are to live where we do and remember to always thank those who help us be safe and also those who help us get through tough times.

***Special Note: Teacher should review the 9/11 picture booklet before this lesson and select only a few pictures that he/she feels are not too graphic for the students in his/her class. Pictures of the building and memorials are recommended but too many pictures of the building in flames may be too much for the students to handle all at one time. Use your best judgment according to your individual students!