Ms. Moore’s Wild Things!

Ms. Moore’s Wild Things!
October 9, 2009
“Honoring All Learners”
We are learning the names and sounds
of letters K-P.
Focused on sight words: we, and, are,
at, you
Long Vowel Sounds- AEIOU
.* Memorable Stories:
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
The Statue of Liberty
Create patterned paper chains
Arrange objects by length
Counting, recognizing, and sequencing
numbers 10-19
Recognize each teen number as 10 + a
Estimate the number of objects in a
Create addition number stories using
Exploring symmetry using paint
We have begun journal writingconcentrating on recording sounds heard
in words
Writing high frequency words (star
We have been practicing how to write the
capital and lowercase letters K-P and
numbers 1-10.
Focus: U.S Landmarks & Rivers, Lakes, and
 We studied Mount Rushmore, The Statue
of Liberty, The White House, and The
American Flag.
 Ask your child how many stars and stripes
are on the flag and what they represent.
 Ask about our sculpting fair day!
(hint: involves clay and soap)
 We learned about different landforms
and bodies of water. Vocabulary: ocean,
lake, pond, river, creek, brook, island,
peninsula, mountain, hill, foothill, valley,
and canyon.
CORE Saying: Better Safe Than Sorry
Important Dates:
October 12 – No Homework this week
October 14th & 15th – Conferences
October 15th & 16th – No School
October 21st – Field Trip to the Lee Martinez Farm
October 23rd – PTO Social and Original Art Work Orders DUE
October 27th – Vision and Hearing Testing
October 30th – Halloween Parade and Party!
If your child is going to miss school please call the Attendance Line at 488-4301 to
report the absent. This will help the office regarding calls home. Thanks!
Bring LIBRARY books to school on Monday.
Check out our classroom website by logging onto: