Paper Overview

Persuasive Research Paper
Five paragraph argument paper
on a controversial issue
Mode: Persuasive/Argument Paper
Persuasion = the art of convincing people to
do or believe something
Argument = genre of writing that requires the
student to investigate a topic;
collect, generate, and evaluate
evidence; and establish a
position on the topic
in a concise manner
“What is an argumentative essay?” The Purdue OWL. Purdue U Writing Lab, 2010.
Web. 18 Jan 2014.
Persuasive/Argument Paper
• To write an argument essay, you’ll need to
gather evidence and present a well-reasoned
argument on a debatable issue.
• You will argue for one side of your chosen
controversial issue.
• Your research-based arguments must convince
your audience that your view/thesis is true, valid,
& correct.
Topic: Cross-Curricular
Choose a debatable or controversial issue . . .
in sports, science, the earth and the environment,
government/politics, animal welfare, education,
arts & culture, media & communications, etc.
Choose your own topic from the list of
topics on the Points of View database.
New in 8th Grade!!!
To give credit to your sources, you must use
in-text citations and a Works Cited page,
NOT a Works Consulted page
You will follow MLA Format for your research
(MLA = Modern Language Association)
and you will use the MLA proper heading, page
layout, pagination, documentation, etc.
Samples of In-Text Citations
A week later, corrections officer Shannon Smith, who was
guarding prisoners by the side of the road, was killed by a
woman distracted by a phone call (Besthoff).
In Japan, for example, accidents linked to cell phones fell by
75% just a month after the country prohibited using a handheld
phone while driving (Haughney A8).
Works Cited
Besthoff, Len. “Cell Phone Use Increases Risk of Accidents, but Users
Willing to Take the Risk.” Capitol Broadcasting,
9 Nov. 1999. Web. 12 Jan. 2001.
Haughney, Christine. “Taking Phones out of Drivers’ Hands.”
Washington Post 5 Nov. 2000: A8. Print.
Sample of First Page in MLA Format
Sample of Works Cited Page
Research: Documentation of Sources
1) You must use at least four in-text citations
• Used within the text of your paper
• Reference in parentheses that gives credit to the
source; e.g., (Smith 23).
• Directs readers to the full source entry on the
Works Cited page
Research: Documentation of Sources
2) Works Cited page
• Last page of your paper (page three)
• Must list at least three sources on your Works
Cited page
• Lists only the sources you have cited in the
text of your paper
Length: Five Paragraphs
five paragraphs on two pages maximum;
the Works Cited page is page 3
Library Time:
Provided 6 days in the library to complete research
Choosing a Topic
Step 1: Identify three possible topics of interest.
Step 2: Write three research questions,
one for each topic of interest.
Step 3: Read articles on databases (do research!)
to answer your research questions.
Step 4: Write one final research question.
Step 5: Answer research question with your
thesis statement.
Step 6: Your thesis statement is what you will prove
with solid research in your paper.
Sample Research Question:
Should PA public school
students be required to wear uniforms?
Pennsylvania public schools should require
all students to wear uniforms.
Pennsylvania public schools should not
require their students to wear uniforms.
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