Writing the Research Paper:

Writing the Research Paper:
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What is a Research Paper?
Understanding the task at hand is an
important part of the process.
The purpose of a research paper is for
you to find information on a given
topic, read it, analyze it and synthesize
it with your own thoughts and ideas on
the topic. Use what others have said or
written to support your views.
Writing the Research Paper:
Selecting a Topic
The first step in writing the research paper
is to brainstorm topics or ideas, select one
and begin to narrow your topic.
 Researching topics which are too broad
wastes time, and leads to disorganization
and frustration! A topic which is too
narrow may make finding enough
information difficult. Click the computer to
learn more!
Writing the Research Paper:
Using Credible Sources
Once you have selected your general
subject and narrowed it to a specific
topic it is time to start gathering
information to support and defend your
Click on the books to learn how to
determine the credibility of a source.
Writing the Research Paper:
the Thesis Statement
The thesis statement is perhaps the
single most important written
statement of the entire research paper;
yes, it is that important!! A well-written
thesis determines the direction of your
writing and helps keep you focussed.
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Writing the Research Paper:
the Outline
Writing an outline is an important part of the
process because it helps to organize ideas and
information. It then can serve as a table of
contents for your essay.
 A Working Outline is just that, what you use to
guide you as you work on the essay. A Final
Outline should be a polished, updated version of
the working outline which reflects the final draft
of your essay.
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Writing the Research Paper:
Formatting MLA Style
MLA Style documentation and
formatting is just one of many. Your
teacher will inform you which style
should be used.
 MLA has strict guidelines and
requirements concerning: paper size,
margins, spacing, indenting, headers,
citing in text, and the Works Cited.
 Click link below to find all the specifics
Writing the Research Paper:
Citations in Text
To avoid the risk of
plagiarism, all
information used in
the text of the paper
that is not your own
must be cited.
Citations must be
used for direct quotes
and paraphrased
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see examples
MLA uses
parenthetical citations
which include the
author’s last name
and the page number
where the information
was found.
With the increased
use of the Internet
correct citations are
even more important.
Writing the Research Paper:
Works Cited
All research papers,
regardless of format,
require the writer to
provide a list of the
sources used. MLA
uses a Works Cited
page at the end of the
A Works Cited page
only lists those
sources which were
actually cited in the
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Writing the Research Paper
Now that you have completed this
curriculum web, take a few moments to
review your worksheets and prepare for
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