neutrality acts

Chapter 23
Do Now
Analyze this
image in your
own words and
discuss with a
partner what
you think it
Your text here
Goals and Objectives
SWBAT In their own words explain, analyze and synthesize
1. Why there was a commitment to wide spread isolationism in the
2. How Roosevelt balanced American isolationism with the need to
intervene in the war?
3. What did the United States do to prepare for the war in 1940 and
Today’s Class
-Background PowerPoint
-Research with iPads
-Chart of provisions,
amendments and revisions
-Class discussion
People who do not believe in the use of military force are known as
_____Cash-and-Carry_______ became the United States policy
towards countries in war that wanted to purchase American goods.
Congress allowed the U.S. to send weapons to Great Britain
regardless of their ability to pay through the passing of the
______Lend-Lease Act__________.
_____The Atlantic Charter________ proclaimed the United States and
Britain’s shared goals of opposing Hitler and his allies.
Get into your groups.
Take out your iPads.
Begin researching your assigned Neutrality Act, 1935, 1936 or 1937.
Next, create a chart showing the provision of the acts, the revision
and amendments.
List the reasons for each provision, revision and amendment.
Neutrality Acts
Neutrality Acts of 1935
Neutrality Acts of 1936
Neutrality Acts of 1937
Think Pair Share
Were the Neutrality Acts truly “neutral”?