American Revolution

Countdown Day 3
Let’s think back…..
• Britain sets up the 13 colonies (mercantilism)
• The 13 colonies largely govern themselves and
develop a unique identity separate from Britain.
13 Colonies
are here
Britain is way
over there!
Schoolhouse Rock
Fight for our Rights!
Too Late to Apologize
We're in a Revolution!
King George: I Miss You!
American Revolution Rap
Events Leading up to the
• French and Indian War (1754-1763)
– Albany Plan of Union: “colonies must unite!” but
plan fails
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Townshend Acts
Events Leading up to the Revolution
• Tea Act
• Boston Massacre
• Intolerable Acts
– Quartering Act
How do the Colonists Respond?
Organize Sons of Liberty under Samuel Adams
Boycott British goods
Tar and feather British soldiers and tax agents
Smuggle (ex. rum)
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
“No Taxation Without Representation!”
Committees of correspondence
Boston Tea Party
Writing the Declaration of
• Thomas Jefferson
• July 4, 1776
• “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all
men are created equal, that they are endowed by
their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that
among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
• Asserts that the 13 colonies are now their own
– Refers to John Locke’s idea that if a government fails,
the people have the right to form a new government
– Lists grievances (complaints) against King George III
American Revolution Battles
• Battle of Lexington and Concord
– Opening battles (Paul Revere’s ride)
• Battle of Saratoga
Schoolhouse Rock
– Turning point because the French start sending aid to
the Patriots
• Winter at Valley Forge
– Washington keeps his troops’ morale high despite bitter
cold and starvation.
• Battle of Yorktown
– British surrender to Patriot George Washington
– Treaty of Paris signed in 1783
Significance of the American
• We become a brand new country
• Strong leadership under George Washington
• Testament to our American spirit of
patriotism, perseverance, and determination
• We beat the world’s best military
• Now, how to run a successful country (Early
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